Full Moon

Sam is a werewolf with an embarrassing problem, thanks to his sister Julie. With the help of his best friend Chris, Sam must find a cure fast. 

The town of Wolves’ Crossing will be holding its annual Harvest Moon Festival and all the community will be there. If Sam fails, he will become the Joke of the whole werewolf community. 

Will Sam find a way to save himself or will be forever known as the freak of Wolve’s Crossing?

Lost and Found

Thirteen-year-old werewolf Henry and his sister, Sarah, have finally been given a chance to babysit their little brother, Benji. It isn’t an easy job to babysit a werewolf pup, especially when it keeps changing form. When Henry discovers Benji has escaped, they must find their brother before something terrible happens to him or worse, before their parents come home. Will they find Benji in time?